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A Love Letter to My TBR Shelf

My Dearest TBR Shelf,

As the most beautiful space in my room, you draw my eyes to you every morning, noon and night. Your colorful spines, your unopened pages, and most importantly, the endless desire you place on me that makes me want to read you at all times of the drives me mad with readerly pleasure. I decorate you with flowers, teach you of my prized possessions and share my undying imagination every time I reach for you.

You are a never-ending love etched deeply in my heart and in my personal library that will never go away. Your soft pages inspire my travels forward and back in time through your gorgeous prose and exciting adventures in far away places. While there may have been times I wanted to scatter you throughout my room in anger or disgust, you always bring me back into a world of creative passion making me into a more diverse and open person.

What I cannot fathom, my dear TBR shelf, is the fact that I will never fully complete you. There will always be pieces of you that are untouched because I keep wanting more. Wanting more history, romance, drama and knowledge. Wanting more laughter, tears, smiles and memories. And, wanting more stories that only you can tell.

But, the fact that I will never be able to say to you, "I may never completed you," is not the worst thing in the world. This just means there are so many good books out in the world that are begging for me to read them, which makes your shelves stay full. If there ever comes a day where I do empty your shelves...I will only fill them back up again as quickly as possible since I cannot go a day without a book to look forward to.

So my dearest TBR shelf, I love you as much as I wish I could abandon my work days and finish every book off your shelves. You are one of my greatest joys and I hope to keep you filled with knowledge, love, wonder and excitement for the rest of our days.

Love Always,

Your Faithful Reader


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