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Best Bookish Podcasts to Listen To

Podcasts are all the craze, but have you listened to these about authors, books and other bookish things?

Welcome to the list of all the best binge-worthy bookish podcasts you can get your hands on. I love listening to podcasts while I run, work or just while I am doing chores around the house.

These podcasts are not only entertaining but they also help me discover new books to read. Here are my favorite bookish podcasts and why I love them.

What Should I Read Next?

I have been listening to this podcast for almost a year, and I am almost all caught up. Anne Bogel is the creator and heart of The Modern Mrs. Darcy blog and her three books. Her podcast speaks with readers, authors and other literary people about 3 books they love, 1 book they don't and what they have been reading lately. Also, she gives them personalized book recommendations while chatting about their reading life.

I have gained so many lovely book recommendations from this podcast, and Anne Bogel's podcast voice is just so sweet and conversational. This podcast is the perfect companion for any lover of books and reading. Episodes range from 30-60 minutes in length.

Books and the City

I have been listening to this bookish podcast since it started a few months ago. The four bookish friends who run it have mastered the art of book recommendations, New York City gossip, book trends and more. I also love how this show comes out weekly and has some occasional author Q & As. The most recent one I loved was with Brenda Janowitz - author of The Grace Kelly Dress.

I guarantee this podcast is sure to make you smile and laugh. And, it is best paired with a glass of wine. Episodes range from 45-75 minutes.

Strong Sense of Place

Quarantine may have halted our travel plans...but you can travel the world with books and this podcast. This couple currently live in Prague and share their knowledge of places they have been through reading and their previous travels. The books are set in the country or type of place they are talking about.

A great podcast for those that are feeling a bit of wanderlust and want to travel within their reads. Episodes range from 45-75 minutes.

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