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Book Review: The Invisible Life of Addie La Rue

What would you give to live a life completely free? Addie made a gamble with a god of darkness and her wish is granted...for the most part. In a mystical adventure that spans centuries, Addie La Rue becomes as fleeting as fog over water. While she gets to live forever, she is cursed to have no one remember her name and existence.

After suffering a major book hangover from this masterpiece, I finally have a moment to process all of Addie La Rue's perfection. After reading the blurb on Goodreads and seeing the book all over Instagram, I knew this would be the perfect book to read this year. And now, I truly understand what the hype was about.

I read this book much slower than usual because the writing was so beautiful. The descriptions in this book are what truly sold me. From the small village French town where she grew up to Paris to New York City to other far away destinations, I felt like I was time traveling right along with her. Schwab is a master of imagery, and I am so proud of myself for taking this book as slow as I did to actually enjoy it. Plus, the cover's tie-in to the story is absolutely breathtaking.

Addie as a character was creatively written. She had the perfect mixture of resilience and spunk that made me respect her, especially when she sees Luc - the god who sent her life into a spin. Addie and Luc's relationship is the perfect representation of love-hate. I was slightly obsessed with how Luc could be so thoughtful, yet so cruel. Just as darkness can be both comforting and scary. I truly loved how much their relationship developed over time, especially with the other people that go in and out of Addie's long invisible life.

One of those people turns out to be a man who works in a bookstore, and turns her life upside down after 300 years of no one knowing her name. Did I make you want to pick this up even more? I hope so!

As you can tell, there was not anything that disappointed me. Right now, Addie ranks HIGH in my top books for 2020, and I secretly hope there is a sequel? But, I also will not be mad if it remains a standalone. I shall survive the book hangover ;)

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