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How to Read More: 3 Easy Ways to Consistent Reading

As a reader, the biggest question I get asked by friends, family and strangers is, "how do you read so much so fast?" The simple answer is...that's just what I have always done. But, the more I think about it, there are three things I continually do that have helped me read more and just keep reading at a consistent pace. And, they are quite simple.

#1: Have a Book with You at All Times

From the time I was in grade school, I always had a book in my hand for every sibling's sporting events, packed 3-5 books on vacations and stuffed my kindle in my purse so I can read whenever I am waiting in lines. What better way to use my time reading rather than scrolling aimlessly through social media while waiting! I am also one of those people that read in the car, which I know can be tough for some people. Try audiobooks because that is another easy way to read more, too.

#2: If the Book isn't Doing it for You...You Don't Have to Finish it!

Gasp, Mary doesn't finish all her books! While this is quite rare for me, I do admit I have not finished every book I have read. And believe me, this took me quite a few years to realize you are okay if you do not like every book you pick up. To some this might seem trivial, but I am a huge proponent of only read what you love especially with where I am in my reading life. Do yourself a favor and don't force yourself to finish a book you don't like. This also counts for books everyone has been talking about and you are trying to force yourself through it just to say you read it.

#3: Shut it down in the morning or at night, and make some dedicated reading time.

Life gets busy, but if you want to read have to set aside some time! For me, I am the type of reader that just reads consistently whenever I want, but I will say I prefer reading in the evenings before bed to shut my brain down and completely enjoy after a busy day. But if you are the type of person who likes to carve out time in your schedule to do things, just start by setting aside 20 minutes a day and work yourself up from there. If you need some tips on times of days I really love, here are some other examples of times that I read...

  • In the morning on a oh my do I love my weekend reading time. On days like this, I'll get up early and hit up a local coffee shop to completely zone out along with a latte of choice.

  • Weekday evenings...when the day is done on weekdays, I usually pick up my current book. I'll admit it will help me get to a good place where I can sleep and I usually read for 30 minutes to an hour before bed.

  • On my runs...reading on runs? What is this sorcery?! This is a new thing for me but I LOVE IT. I will put on an audiobook (on reading speed 1.5% might I add) and run to my book rather than music. Now if I am doing a speed is a must, but an audiobook gets me through longer runs that are longer than 2 miles.

  • On roadtrips...yep, I can read in the car and I love bringing my kindle or latest paperback for trips like those. I normally pack 2-4 books on a trip along with my kindle so I have options and it just makes me feel prepared for my reading moods.

For more on my reading and writing lifestyle, check out my blog posts linked below. Happy faster and plentiful reading!


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