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Review: The Star-Crossed Sisters of Tuscany

There is just something about second-born Fontana daughters. One thing is they never find true love and are destined to live a life single forever. Sounds bleak, right? Well, Emilia and Lucy Fontana are committed to breaking the curse, and with the help of their eccentric great-aunt, Poppy, they will go on an adventure to find her true love in the hills of the Tuscan countryside.

SYNOPSIS: A long time ago, Filomena Fontana cursed her second-born sister stating no second-born Fontana daughter will ever find true love. Fast-forward to the modern-day with Emilia Fontana. She is in her late twenties, working in her father's bakery, belittled by her grandmother, and hopelessly single. Enter a magical request from her great-aunt Poppy who no one in the family talks to anymore..."Hi Emilia, I want you to come to Italy for three weeks with me so we can meet the love of my life on my 80th birthday and break the Second Fontana Daughters Curse. Will you come?"

Emilia is rattled because her grandmother basically forbids her to go, but she goes against her wishes and books her plane ticket for the adventure of her life. When in Italy, she drinks fine wine, visits beautiful places, and most importantly, discovers many things about herself and her family that set her on a new perspective on her life.

MY THOUGHTS: Wow, this book was everything I needed for a road trip to Kentucky last month. The Star-Crossed Lovers of Tuscany is both atmospheric and family-oriented. I not only fell in love with the main character Emilia, but I also formed a special connection to her aunt, Poppy, and her cousin, Lucy. Emilia had her own internal confidence issues, but Poppy and Lucy brought her out of her shell and helped her to come confidently into her own person separate from her family's pressures back in New York.

Poppy was just a beautiful character. She was like that one aunt everyone has that is effervescent, delightful, and filled to the brim with life. Her love story was beautiful, and it moved me to tears as I listened on audio.

Basically, this book was just a warm hug. It was a beautiful family story with the perfect amount of whimsy, wisdom, and love. Only slightly disappointed it took me so long to read it!


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