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The Numbers Behind My Book Reviews

“Of all reviews, the crushing review is the most popular, as being the most readable.”―Anthony Trollope

Ever since I discovered Goodreads, I have been a stickler for reviewing and rating my books. The site itself has incorporated a 5 star scale, which is what I have adopted for my reads. I religiously started using Goodreads in 2017 and have finally started my first book journal to chronicle my reads on paper. Because of this, I have done a lot of thinking lately of what my rating scale actually means and how there is so much more behind the number I choose.

When it comes to reviewing books, I strive to give my honest opinion about each book. Generally speaking, I pick great books for myself since I have inhaled books MANY since age 3. I am happy to say there aren't many books I give a low score too, but when I do, you'll hear about it in daily conversation or right here on this page.

So, when my parents and close friends ask me, "what do your numbers mean when you rate a book?" This is how I classify each one.

5 Star Rating - I LOVED this book! I could not put it down, and I will recommend it to every human in sight. The characters are highly relatable and easy to fall in love with. The writing style flows well and add just the right amount of good taste. Most importantly, you never know what can happen throughout the time you're reading it.

4 Star Rating - A solid book with a good plot, lovable characters and strong writing. Things that keep it from being a 5-star read are confusing plot lines or twists, didn't have a "WOW" factor, a character who took away from the story or left me feeling unsatisfied at the ending.

3 Star Rating - This book is best described as "eh, glad I read it but wasn't entirely for me." These books have good plot lines, but the writing typically throws me for a loop or the cover was deceiving.

2 Star Rating - I plowed through the book even though I ended up feeling a major sense of dissatisfaction and annoyance at the end of it. Usually this is due to the main protagonist or a disappointing ending.

1 Star Rating - DNF aka. Did NOT Finish. This is a huge rarity for me, but it has happened a few times in my reading life so far. As my Dad always says, "why spend time reading a book that you already hate? There are too many good books in the world to spend time forcing yourself to read ones that you don't enjoy." Touché Dad Touché.

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