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Tropes on Tropes: The Bridgerton Series

My Dearest Readers,

The Bridgerton Family has truly taken the reading world and spun it on its heels. In the best way possible might I add. Family, friendship, steamy romance, relationship struggles, personal growth, and most importantly love...this series of sibling stories has it all. Now, what many readers like myself may realize -now that they have read all 8 books of course - is each Bridgerton sibling has a romance trope all their own. So, dearest readers, let me break them down for you step by step. Now, if you have not read the entire series, this author promises not to spoil too many details in hopes this will be a nice reading companion as you decadently devour each Bridgerton's romance story.

First up, as you all may have already met in the Netflix show and the first book The Duke and I featuring Miss Daphne Bridgerton and her beau, Simon also better known as the Duke of Hastings. Their relationship best falls into the marriage of convenience and fake dating tropes. At first, they use each other to make Daphne seem more desirable to othEr bachelors, and then, new things happen. I mean ooh la la the whole scene in the garden was mighty compromising, but it quickly results in a marriage. More things come to light throughout their story, but I did promise, dear readers, I would not spoil too much.

Now, we all know who the next season of the Netflix show will focus on because book two, The Viscount Who Loved Me, features none other than the Lord himself...Lord Anthony Bridgerton and my stars, is this book a treat. Anthony's love interest, Kate Sheffield, a strong-willed woman who will take nothing from a man...including a Lord like Anthony. Their romance is a classic tale of enemies to lovers since Anthony is technically more interested in marrying her sister but not for love...GASP! But, will it be a worthy match or will Anthony's heart be broken yet again?

While we may not know much about Mr. Benedict Bridgerton other than his affinity for art, his love story in An Offer From a Gentleman is one of this author's personal favorites. A story we all know too well is that of Cinderella, and this romance between Benedict and Sophia blows it out of the pond. A combination of an upstairs/downstairs, Cinderella mystery woman, and love at first sight romance...what a gambit of romantic excitement, dear readers! Not to mention quite the evil stepmother...

Ah readers, don't we all love a romance where a young lady is obsessed with a good sir and he does not realize he loves her until he realizes he cannot live without her. Now, this author thinks the fourth book Romancing Mr. Bridgerton reminders her quite like her own...where she and her love were friends first before officially becoming a couple. Plus, Mr. Collin Bridgerton is just the sweetest of the Bridgerton brothers. Plus, he and Penelope bring out the absolute best in each other in their regency world. A trope of resisted love from one part and a besotted lover from afar turned perfect union made in heaven.

Now, the fifth story, dearest readers, is quite interesting and involves the determined "almost spinster", Miss Eloise Bridgerton. In To Sir Phillip, With Love, she corresponds with Sir Phillip who is a recent widower and father of rambunctious twins. A slow-burn romance with what I will call the marriage for children's sake trope...Eloise and Phillip's story is sweet, deep, and blossoms into something pretty spectacular.

In When He Was Wicked, we finally get to meet who I have dubbed the secret sister, Miss Francesca Bridgerton, who is now a young widow. Michael Sterling has loved her for longer than she may realize, especially because she was married to his older cousin first. As the countess of Kilmartin, she was living a charmed life...until her new husband died in his sleep and she lost their unborn child in the same week. Shocked, bruised, and now widowed, Francesca is lost and Michael is guilty. After a trip abroad, the new Count of Kilmartin returns to England and it is about time he found a wife. Their romance grows over time and is so sweet as all the other stories have been. But, it has another layer of depth, dear readers, that kept me wanting more. A classic story of a brother in love with the other brother's wife and a widow who gets her second chance at love. This was the perfect story for Francesca.

In book 7 It's In His Kiss, the youngest Bridgerton gets her story. Hyacinth Bridgerton is smart, quick-witted, and certainly, a force to be reckoned with. The ton has always wondered who will steal her heart considering her choosy nature until Gareth St. Clair returns to society. Gareth is going through a crisis...his mother has been gone for years and his "father" is on the verge of disowning him. The only piece of his inheritance he is granted is a diary from his father's mother, and of course, it is written in Italian. Later, his grandmother, the lovely and witty Lady Danebury, invites him to the annual and shall we say discordant Smythe-Smith Musical, where his life gets more interesting with the agonizing yet pretty Miss Bridgerton. The two go on an adventure of solving the mystery of the diary and unlocking family secrets that might turn Gareth's life in a better direction. I love this friends turned lovers story, and Hyacinth is officially this author's favorite Bridgerton sister.

Alas, we have arrived at the final book of all eight Bridgerton siblings...Mr. Gregory Bridgerton gets to tell his tale in On the Way to the Wedding. Alas Gregory has not found his match and contemplates the clergy or military until his brother Anthony says why not try for a wife? Now this trope, dear readers, was a bit harder to decipher...I dub this book a forbidden love story with its essence of blackmail, one-sided love triangle and surprise love. Gregory was first in love with Lucy's friend - Hermione - but then she was in love with another. Lucy's loving Gregory was forbidden because she was already betrothed to another, but they still slowly fell into a deeper love than either of those combined. A sweet union and this author loved their second epilogue the most.

And, now my dear readers, I must bid adieu. I shall miss this beautiful family, but I think I will revisit snippets of their stories quite often. One does not forget their first true regency romance series, and this author cannot wait until the second season of Bridgerton on Netflix decides to grace its presence upon our various screens. Until then...

Yours Sincerely,

Lady Mary of the Ton


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